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Our off and online marketing activities are integrated

Do you know which channels your target audiences visits?

In your opinion, does your site offer a user experience that ensures a great conversion rate?

I know exactly which of my marketing channels are more profitable

Our company's management sees digital marketing as a core element of future business development

We use personal and customer journies to steer our digital activities

My teammates understand the metrics on a reporting dashboard

Our company has a clear digital roadmap that is well communicated across the organization

I personalize my advertising efforts

I am measuring the client journey at the user level

I am familiar with tracking and conversions measurement

I am proficient in data analytics

I have an in-depth knowledge of the diffferent channels (google, social media, programmatic)

I am confident in my ability and that of my team to formulate a strategy

I have launched digital marketing campaigns before

Our company invests in training to make sure it's employees stay up to date

I am able to optimally set up a search campaign on google ads

I have a clear way of knowing when my digital advertising is working or not

I have a strong understanding of the RTB (Real Time Bidding) model and how advertisers optimize to maximise efficiency of their ad spends

I have a sound knowledge of tracking

We are measuring website conversions

My team is approachable when discussing about digital marketing

Our team has extensive knowledge of digital marketing tools

Our company develops and/or uses custom technologies to manage campaigns

I know how to measure the efficiency of my Digital Marketing

Our marketing team is experienced, skillful and competent

We have clear goals of brand awareness, lead generation and/or conversions

Our company has a lot of opportunity for growth

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